ORAS ORAS OU Winter Seasonal #6 - Round 1

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opponent never replied to my schedule attempt and i can't play tomorrow, calling act, proof on their wall


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I was sadly given the victory by my great opponent ojr.


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I met my opponent at 10 pm on my gtm today, it's already been 40 minutes and he doesn't show up, I'm asking for an extension until tomorrow.

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CyberOdin vs Joga
HSK7 vs HaxxSel
Astoria vs Ada(n)gio

DugZa vs Li Xiao Long
shadowtime2000 vs Alpha1013
Ara vs Celdanami
Leru vs eliana.
Dlanyer vs seroo
Surfy vs Tenebricite
roxie vs SOM/05
giove97 vs KeshBa54
valuez vs MGdos16
Mysticwind vs pulsar512b

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